About 3 Months Training Program

TTS imparts three months Industrial Training to BCA, MCA and DIPLOMA students of final year. It provides the opportunity to work on real time, client side based projects, which helps in enhancing the practical skills of the students. Through this Training students can test their perseverance and thinking abilities when facing a decision making situation. It is a great and invaluable experience for the students.

Objective of Industrial Training

The main objective of Industrial Training is to expose students to the working environment of the Industry. So, it will enable students to understand the theories studied with more detailed and hands on practice within a real job situation. With the active involved preparation, Trainees learns about the Industrial demands, skill set and work ethics. At the mean time it gives the Trainee an opportunity to put into practice what he or she has learned at university. The industry introduction increases the undergraduate’s work life through added eagerness and responsibility, gives a long lasting learning experience. It provides an opportunity to engage with the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment, appreciate and understand the practical application of their theoretical knowledge also work with professional mentors.


  1. A Three(03) Months Internship / Training Program.
  2. This unique training program enhance the employability skills of the trainees by assigning them industry endorsed projects.
  3. It helps trainees acquainted with corporate culture of IT Industry.
  4. Lectures by Industry Experts to help the trainees get aware about latest technologies.
  5. Practical oriented sessions conducted for the Trainees.
  6. This unique training consists of 90% practical session and 10% theoretical session.
  7. Our content is professionally designed to cover the core as well as the advanced level of the Technologies.
  8. Special HR Sessions for the Trainees to help them in enhancing the personality of individuals and crack interviews.

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