Windows (Embedded) CE is a modular, real-time operating system intended for resource-constrained devices and embedded systems. The core Windows CE OS has served as the foundation of several classes of devices and platforms, including Handheld PC Professional, Microsoft's AutoPC, Pocket PC and SmartPhone to name a few. Windows Mobile represents a subset of platforms based on the Windows CE foundation. Currently, the main Windows Mobile platforms are represented by Pocket PC (now called Windows Mobile Classic), Pocket PC Phone Edition (Windows Mobile Professional) and SmartPhone (Windows Mobile Standard)
At TTS, we specialize in firmware and windows CE software design. Right from industrial and home automation, Internet of Things, Telematics, M2M solutions, device drivers, Bluetooth, automotive CEsystems, security solutions, Navigation and tracking solutions, We conduct feasibility study for new product development, CE systems software engineering, as well as custom CE system software development, performance and reliability improvement, and multiple platform porting services. Our expert team is adept at product sustenance, lifecycle enhancements, testing and verification.


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