Made for Your Restaurant Business

The EASY RESTRO has been built from the ground up keeping in mind the complex workflows of the various restaurant business models. EASY RESTRO adapts to the dynamic, and often complex, specifications of fine dining places, fast food restaurants, franchise operations, coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries, food courts and cloud kitchens.

Billing And KOT

Billing And KOT

Recipe & Inventory

Recipe & Inventory



Menu Management

Menu Management

Live Tables

Live Tables



Merchant App

Monitor your outlet on-the-go Concise and relevant business metrics

Merchant Analytics Dashboard

Easy presentation of all business data Monitor operations from anywhere


TTS EDC Machine

Complete dashboard reconciliation T+1 Payment disbursal Lowest MDR rates

Desktop Billing PoS

Works on Windows, Mac,Linux and Windows tablets, Works online and offline 110+ printers integrated along with bar-code scanner and caller ID

POS System

point-of-sale is suitable for restaurants, fast food, home delivery, bars, night clubs and other hospitality business. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes EASY RESTRO a great system for your needs.

Online order integration

Get online orders directly into the POS from any food aggregator. Manage multiple outlets, Change menus/items with just a click. Reconcile & Analyse with reports to scale your Online sales

Recipe Management

Recipe management can be a daunting task for any restaurant. Efficiently manage your recipe with EASY RESTRO recipe management module which comprises advanced features for mapping relevant ingredients and utilizing different unit of measurements.

CRM & Loyalty

Pull more foodies to your restaurant and keep them coming back - release coupons, vouchers, promotional SMS, happy hour offers, personalized offers for regulars, corporate and more

Table Management

Designing Table layout has never been so easy. With EASY RESTRO easy table management , user can create number of layouts for many locations and settings like Dine IN, Pool Side, Roof Top etc..

Multi Store Management

Centrally control and monitor real time operations of all restaurants and central kitchen. Take informed action from anywhere with web access to all stores and feel confident to open more


With the implementation of the new GST policies, this Restaurant billing software is a complete solution for managing your restaurant in a fast and easier way. This Software for Restaurant takes care of your restaurant’s home delivery and take-away network to avoid situations that challenge the free flow of your delivery management. Similarly you can also manage tables and kitchen orders with the help of our software. This system shows you a pictorial representation of the available tables and the number of customers that are present in the restaurant.

  • Easy RESTRO software is specially made for Restaurant,
  • 21+ year of the experience in Software Development.
  • Specially designed for Restaurant.
  • Affordable AMC keeps you assure for new updates, customizations, technical support, training and data security.
  • State of art servers and backup assurance by TTS.
  • Affordable & easy to use Easy RESTRO software which is customized for you to fit in your Restaurant needs.
  • Award-winning support by the experienced team of developers and client relationship managers.

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