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About EASYOPD Software

Today, technology revolution moved us to the digital world, EASYOPD software is designed to cater doctor’s need to overcome hospital/clinical operational challenges. To enable doctors software installation is a major essential that helps to keep patients’ data safely, making business reports and financial aspects. EASYOPD is the perfect choice for healthcare industry assist doctors to move digitally for managing administration, data management, billing and health records at the fingertips.
The most useful clinic software to collect or save important medical data. This practice software allows managing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at your convenience. A complete software solution as an individual module skips traditional methods of collecting data. This is a boon of advance cutting edge technology, True Time Systems has provided a great solution to smart and efficient workflow management. With a simple user interface, this powerful application generates wise reports in a few clicks. Doctors don’t need to carry paper files because everything has been transformed digitally.

What Is EASYOPD Management Software ?

EASYOPD is a small pocket to put overall data and outpatient details without the tedious task of manual registration and searching it from the huge pile of existing files every time the patient visits. Complete software solutions for Outpatients registration, treatments, billing and reporting with detailed information. It reduces overall paperwork and saves precious time. All you have to do is enter the personal details of the patient, consultation and hand over an automatically generated registration number to him or her. You can even fix appointments with the help of a tool and have a look at the schedule as well. EASYOPD allows doctors to electronically prescribe the medicines or tests to every patient. The quick view facility lets the doctors quickly view the historical prescriptions of each patient in a few clicks only for further treatment. EASYOPD Module allows to the doctors or physicians for checking patient’s details to calculate billing accurately. Auto-generate billing procedures keep everything smooth and transparent between doctor and patient

TTS OPD Software

EASYOPD Software Includes Following Modules

High performing computerized software, deliver excellence and operational flexibility is demanded that we’ve combined with these modules here:

  • Patients Management
  • Doctors Management
  • Out Patient Data Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Reports & Summaries
  • Utilities


  • SMS Integration
  • Barcode Alliance
  • Email Integration
  • Patient Complete Demographic Details
  • Automatic Operating at Reception
  • Doctor Commission
  • Online Appointment Management
  • OPD Prescriptions with Patients History
  • Reporting
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Comprehensive Patient Data Record
  • Billing Information
  • Report Generation of Patients Records on Monthly, Weekly & Daily basis

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