Never Miss a Sale

Track products in real time. Follow every item in your store more closely and receive a notification when it's time to restock.

Make Better Purchases

Generate a list of products that are low in stock, so you can quickly send a purchase order to your supplier.

Calculate Inventory Cost

Know exactly how much is being invested in your inventory and better calculate profits.


Scalability and Support

We work with you based on your software development objectives to find the areas that are best suited to bring you value and the quickest return on investment. Provide 3 month free support Based on your needs after application compilation.

Real-Time Communication

Our application developers work within your native time zone to allow real time communication & your application tracking.

Development Style

Development style at True Time Systems using organizational strength and increasing the individual potential.


CEO Message

Our challenges never end.

We, Truetime Systems, are the company to ensure the future strong through the software development, specialized in custom software development.

We have the latest information skills/experiences and excellent human resources. We promote business with our strong spirit that is to fulfill customers' requests at all times. Our company also creates what customers need to realize glamorous dream they have. As a result, we contribute to render an affluent society. These are our motivation.

Why choose us ?

We provide products and services that satisfy customers, with the latest technology used for software application development.

Amazing end-products :- We care about the end result as much as you do. We have a wide expertise gamut on board and offer everything from state of the art cloud platforms to modern ‘rich-client’ web applications to native apps.

High quality :- We have a large pool of technical skills, use only the best technologies possible, follow a rigorous process to guarantee quality and we have great experience to back us.

Good prices :- Since all project work is performed in Romania, including development, testing, project management and architecture, you get great value for really good rates.


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